How Playgreen.show came to be : 

Our Chief Technology Officer had an idea one day, while working at a local high school as the Director of IT “Why are we printing programs just to throw them away? It’s a silly problem to have. Everyone is always checking their phone or using their phone as a light to read. It’s just a fact cellphones are always on. So instead of fighting it let’s use it to help people save money and the environment.

Our Mission : 

We believe through technology and applications of innovations we can save the world together one audience at a time!

What we are:

We are an innovative eco-friendly consulting firm that uses technology to help make events more sustainable. We advocate for technology that will eliminate waste, save our clients’ money, and create a happier healthier planet. 

Our Call to Action :

You can make a difference in your theatre, event space, or on tour! Join our Green Event Solutions team! Let’s save the world together one audience at a time!

More and more theatres are joining our team! They are saving time, money, and best of all they are doing good for the environment. Be apart of the future and join the playgreen team!

Link to Broadway Green Alliance